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BAVLIO™ Grip Master | 50% Off Sale Ends Today!

BAVLIO™ Grip Master | 50% Off Sale Ends Today!

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 The Easiest Way To Up Your Grip Strength!

Simply connect the Grip Master to your hand and start extending it with the weight of your choice. Whether it be 7lbs, 9lbs, or even 11lbs. The Grip Master helps strengthen your forearms, fingers, and grip and brings out your true vascularity.  

Finally, Bring Out Your Veins!


The Grip Master promotes a "pump-like" feeling after using it a couple of times, so, your veins tend to pop out. Using the Grippy Boy over and over will strengthen your forearm and hand muscles, and make you naturally vascular due to muscle build-up. 

 How Does it Work?

The Grip Master works by overloading the wrist and forearm muscles to increase grip strength. The finger hole extensions are held back by weight which promotes muscle buildup. 

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