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SmileFresh™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaning Wand

SmileFresh™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaning Wand

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If left untreated, plaque can build up and cause:
- Bad breath - Yellow teeth - Even gum disease!
The SmileFresh Wand EASILY removes plaque and stains. Prevent the problem at the SOURCE!
Our ultrasonic technology loosens and breaks up tartar. It's a gentle dentist-quality cleaning that gives you a bright, crisp smile.

See & Feel the Results

Almost all of us have some dental calculus or stains on our teeth—calculus builds up from eating sugary foods and stains are caused by coffee, wine, and other drinks.
The SmileFreshTM Wand gently removes these problems in as little as 10 minutes. Simply use your wand once a week as needed and see results fast.

How Does it Work?

The SmileFreshTM Wand uses ultrasonic technology to produce sound waves that create up to 180 vibrations per second. These vibrations breakup and remove dental calculus and stains and disrupt bacteria cells.
The precise nature of the vibrations allows for a faster, more gentle cleaning compared to a manual scraper.


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